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What is Happening? | Crypto, Nuclear Weapons, and Speeches from Putin

News moves quickly these days. It seems like we are constantly jumping from one shock to the next. 

We want to help people become more informed and empowered. We believe that people can make a difference or impact the world if they have the correct information. Download our free survival guide which covers everything from crypto to nuclear weapons to speeches from Putin

In this episode, Nick and Andy uncover some of the current issues including: crypto, nuclear weapons, missing submarines, speeches from Putin, and the energy crisis. 

Andy throws down some alarming predictions. He reviews some facts about the recession and energy crisis that you'll want to hear. 

Right now, being aware of what is going on around you is more important than ever. Inform yourself and be prepared. 


We believe that knowledge is power and want to share it with you. Download our free survival guide today!


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