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Outdoor Survival | How To Prepare For Beach Backpacking

In this episode we welcome back Fred for another conversation surrounding outdoor survival. This time, he brings along his son, Daniel, as they recall their most recent backpacking excursion down the east coast

They covered about 47 miles in 3 days. Even when you're going on a shorter backpacking trip, it's important to decide how heavy of a pack you're willing to carry vs. how prepared you want (or need) to be. 

Our goal is to help you have the best possible experience during beach backpacking. We want you to be prepared for any situation, so you can relax and enjoy your time outdoors. Download our complete Survival Guide today, which includes everything from packing lists to safety tips and everything in between.

Topics covered in this episode include: footwear, water carries and resources, wildlife, mental toughness, skin protection, and food packing and preparation. 

It's always a comfort to have a hot meal at the end of a long, exhausting hike and additionally know some way to signal for help if needed. That's why they took some Valley Food Storage meals along with them. 


Are you looking to enjoy a relaxing day at the beach but also be prepared for an outdoor emergency? Download our complete survival guide today to know more!


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