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Dairy Free Emergency Survival Food

Dairy free survival food options can be hard to find. But there's no reason that your long term storage has to be hard on your digestion. Of course, there are obvious dairy free emergency food options like freeze dried meat, but we've collected some other great choices to flesh out your dairy free food storage.
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Is Your Diet Dairy Free? So Is Our Dairy Free Emergency Food.

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It’s True, We Offer Dairy Free Emergency Food.

We know what you're thinking, how can you offer dairy free emergency food? It's simple, we spent hours researching the ingredients in different emergency foods to bring you quality emergency food options for a diary restricted diet. We knew adding dairy free options would be no easy task but we never shy away from a challenge at Valley Food Storage. Finally, all the hard work has paid off and we are now able to provide you with high quality dairy free emergency food in addition to all our existing emergency food buckets.

Dairy Doesn’t Have To Be The Staple Of Your Food Storage.

Contrary to what our competitors might think we don’t believe dairy needs to be a staple in your food storage. Our belief is that there should be an emergency food storage option for every dietary restriction, and a restrictive dairy diet is no expectation. That’s why we worked tirelessly to make sure those who can't eat dairy are still able to stock food with our dairy free emergency food. With our dairy free options you can now rest easy knowing that your food storage meets your dietary restrictions.

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No Dairy? No Problem. Try Our Dairy Free Survival Food.

A Dairy Free Diet Is No Excuse For Being Unprepared.

Until now the “I can’t stock emergency food because of my dairy allergy” excuse was true. But now that we offer dairy free options at Valley Food Storage there is no excuse why you aren't currently preparing for any coming food shortages. We have worked tirelessly to be able to provide emergency food to those with dietary restrictions. We believe that no matter what requirements your diet calls for there should be an emergency food option for you. And that’s exactly what we are doing at Valley Food Storage by providing emergency food options for all different types of diets, whether they be dairy free or gluten free.

Allergic To Dairy? We Offer Dairy Free Food Storage

Most Don’t Know This But, You Can Build A Dairy Free Food Storage.

If you have looked for emergency food supplies before you know that most of our competitors don’t consider the dietary requirements of the customers they are serving. That’s where we separate ourselves from the rest. We know that everyone's food stock is different and so are their dietary requirements. That’s why we go the extra mile to provide options for different dietary requirements including dairy free emergency food.

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What Common Items Won't Work For Dairy Free Food Storage?

The most common items that won’t work for dairy free food storage are some of the common survival food entrees. Lots of bulk freeze dried food entrees will use dairy in the sauce of the entree which is why we always recommend reading the ingredients list. However, at Valley Food Storage we know how common it is for dairy to be added to many survival food entrees. That’s why we intentionally sourced a number of entrees that are dairy free so those with dairy restrictive diets can still prepare.

What Common Survival Food Items Are Naturally Dairy Free?

There are a few common survival food options that are naturally dairy free. The first are freeze dried fruits. To keep all the added junk out of our survival food we sourced freeze dried fruits that’s only ingredient is the fruit. The next option is freeze dried vegetables. Just like our freeze dried fruits, the only ingredient in our freeze dried vegetables is the vegetable. The last option for sourcing naturally dairy free survival food is freeze dried meat. Similar to the first two options, our freeze dried meat only contains the meat itself along with various spices and flavors to enhance the taste of our delicious dried meats.

Does Dairy Free Survival Food Need To Be Stored Differently?

I know this might be hard to believe but our dairy free survival food can be stored just like any other survival food. We have taken a huge amount of pride in how we package our survival foods to ensure it can all be stored the same. We have accomplished this by only sourcing quality foods with a 25 year shelf life when paired with our two layer preservation method. This method involves first packaging our dairy free survival food in a mylar bag to protect against humidity and insects. Next we add our mylar bags to a water resistant bucket to further protect the survival food from water and animals. With this approach we can ensure that our freeze dried food will last 25 years in storage.