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The Best Bug Out Vehicles: Bug Out Trucks, Jeeps & Cars for When SHTF

What would you do if you needed to get out of Dodge immediately? Have you devised a well thought-out evacuation plan? And, most importantly, do you have the best bug-out vehicle you can get?

As survivalists, we spend much of our time and energy building our cache of available resources and food. We focus a lot on bugging in…but what about bugging out?  Sometimes we can forget about our evacuation plans and bug-out vehicles (BOVs).

The good news is you don’t need the most souped-up, armored school bus with sawblades on the wheels and a machine gun turret on the roof. You only need a reliable bug-out vehicle you can depend on in tough times.

Today, we’ll discuss what a BOV is, considerations for selecting a BOV, and talk about 9 of the best bug-out vehicles on the market.  

What is a Bug Out Vehicle?


bugout vehicle truck

In essence, a bug-out vehicle is one you use to get to your pre-chosen bug-out location.

Your best bug-out vehicle is your daily car or truck. This makes everything easy for you—you won’t have to worry about upkeep, because you already keep your daily driver ready to go.

After all, everything you have for emergencies should fit into your life seamlessly.

You’ve got many options to choose from, and deciding should be based on your household’s needs.

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Essential Considerations for Your Bug-Out Vehicle

When thinking about your BOV, we recommend asking yourself the following questions. 

How Fuel Efficient Is the Vehicle?

A bug-out vehicle is useless if it cannot get you to your bug-out location. Therefore, your BOV should be fuel efficient enough to get you to your destination with one tank. If more fuel is required, we recommend having auxiliary tanks ready to refuel, rather than going to the gas station.

Does It Have Adequate Storage Capacity?

Your BOV must be large enough to accommodate you, your family, and all your survival gear, like food, water, and bug-out bags. Remember—storage doesn’t only have to be inside the car. You can equip your BOV with rooftop storage as well.  

Can It Be Driven Off-Road?

The more durable and off-road-friendly your bug-out vehicle is, the better. AWD or 4WD capable vehicles are not only helpful in bad weather; they can also be driven off-road when streets become clogged with traffic or knocked out by a natural disaster.    

Does It Have Easily Available and Replaceable Parts?

Your BOV is useless if it breaks down and you cannot fix it. Therefore, replacement parts for your BOV should be easy to find and buy. We also recommend having the skills and tools to perform your own maintenance, because in an SHTF scenario, car mechanics probably won’t be working.  

Does It Have Towing Capabilities?

The larger and more powerful your BOV can be, the better. A larger car equipped with a trailer hitch or mechanical winch will have less fuel economy, but you will be able to tow. This can be useful if you have to hook up an extra trailer, move disabled vehicles, or tow a friend’s vehicle to safety.   

Types of Bug-Out Vehicles

It probably goes without saying that a coupe or a rowboat would probably not be the most ideal BOVs, but what are some pros and cons of the best types of bug-out vehicles?

Bug Out Truck

This is the most obvious choice for the best bug-out vehicle. With plenty of room for supplies and gear, a truck’s rugged performance fits the bill perfectly. The added benefit of most trucks being able to handle all-terrain action also helps.

Your standard Ford, GMC, and Jeep are some of your best options with regards to quality and performance.

For me, the Jeep Wrangler is unmatched regarding price and off-road capability. The only issue is somewhat lacking storage space and carrying capacity. Since my family is small, this isn’t an issue for me; there's plenty of room to fit them and our family emergency kit.

Bug Out RV/Van

RVs and vans are your best bug-out vehicle option for large households, or if you have a lot of gear. In addition, RVs can serve as a mobile bug-out location, allowing you to keep moving if you need to.
Most vans and RVs have an electrical system, running water, heat, and air conditioning for you to use. Plus, you can easily make sleeping arrangements and amenities you need at your location.

Bug Out SUV

bugout vehicle suv

Another excellent option for larger families is the bug-out SUV. Most SUVs have four-wheel drive and independent suspension systems, making them perfect for any rugged terrain you may encounter.

SUVs will also allow you to pack plenty of gear for protection and safety.

Bug Out ATVs and Bikes

bugout vehicle atv bike


Both ATVs and bikes are the best options for survivalists that live near the edge of their city and don’t have to travel very far to their bug-out destination. This option also works very well for someone single and living alone.

ATVs’ and bikes’ added benefit is that they can allow you to move around traffic jams and are agile enough to get around most obstacles. The obvious downside is that you won’t be able to carry much gear with you.

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Maintenance on Your Bug Out Vehicle

bugout vehicle maintenance

Now that you’ve got an idea of the best bug-out vehicle options, you must consider maintenance and upkeep on your vehicle.

After all, it doesn’t do you much good if your BOV doesn’t work when you’re ready to bug out. The good news is, regular maintenance of your bug-out vehicle isn’t that hard.

Just follow the following tips:

  • Check your tire pressure once a month.

  • Check oil, filters, and fluids once a year.

  • Always keep your tank full and keep backup fuel in the vehicle.
  • Keep extra oil (and other fluids) in the vehicle.

  • Equip your BOV with a toolbox and other go-bag essentials.

  • Get a full-sized spare tire to replace the “donut” that comes stock with your vehicle.
  • Practice changing a flat tire and other simple maintenance tasks.

It’s also essential to drive your bug-out vehicle once a month. This is particularly important if your BOV isn’t your everyday vehicle.

Top 9 Best Bug-Out Vehicles

As we said before, the best bug-out vehicle is your daily driver. However, we wanted to share some “fun” options. These are for the hardcore survivalist with an unlimited budget. We understand that some options may not be affordable for everyone, but it never hurts to dream a little. 

Plus, you can use the following bug-out vehicles as inspiration for the modifications you want to make to your BOV.  

the knight xv

       1. The Knight XV

      This vehicle rivals even the Batmobile with features. This 13,000-pound urban assault vehicle features underbody magnetic bomb detection, external smoke screen, night vision cameras, electrostatic window opaquing (tinting system), run-flat tires, armor that laughs at anything under a .50 cal round, and of course, heated seats.


      • Top-of-the-line security features
      • Fully customizable
      • Reliable and powerful V10 engine


      • Poor fuel economy 
      • Minimal availability
      • Exorbitantly expensive

           2. Chevrolet Suburban

        The Chevrolet Suburban has always been one of the roomiest SUVs. Therefore, it’s ideal for families with multiple kids or who want to bug out with many survival supplies. Load up the roof with cargo or pull a trailer, and you can be on the go for months. 


        • Tons of interior storage space
        • High-quality and comfortable cabin 
        • Can tow trailers 


        • The large and long chassis can be difficult to handle
        • Poor turning radius
        • Average fuel economy 

             3. Toyota Tacoma

          The Toyota Tacoma is a simple, no-nonsense truck. Over the years, it has garnered a reputation for being one of the most reliable mid-size trucks on the market. Its reliability and versatility are what make the Tacoma perfect for bugging out.  


          • Extremely durable 
          • Easy maintenance 


          • Smaller storage space than other pickup trucks
          • Less powerful engine 

                 4. Ford Raptor

            The Ford Raptor is one of Ford’s most capable pickup trucks. It is designed for speed, power, and off-highway usage. It handles exceptionally well on rough roads and can be loaded with supplies. 


            • Superior truck for off-highway terrain
            • Powerful 4x4 drive train
            • Comes equipped with towing capabilities 


            • Fewer miles per gallon than a conventional pickup truck
            • More expensive than a conventional pickup truck

                 5. Jeep Gladiator

            The Jeep Gladiator comes with the off-road capabilities of any Jeep, plus a pickup bed. It’s the ideal option for any Jeep enthusiast who has always wanted a pickup truck. For many scenarios, it’s the best of both worlds.   


            • SUV/pickup truck hybrid design
            • Off-road and towing capabilities


            • Limited space in the cabin
            • It handles more like a truck than an SUV

                 6. BMW R1200 GS Adventure

              This motorcycle masterpiece is designed for long-distance touring, whether riding on highways or taking it off-road. For the solo survivalist who loves motorcycles, there is no better option.


              • Exceptional fuel economy 
              • Powerful performance
              • Extremely versatile 


              • Limited storage space
              • Only capable of carrying one person


                    7. Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks

                Ford F-Series pickup trucks are among the most popular pickup trucks in the nation. They are reliable workhorses that are easily customizable and useful in various situations. They come in various trim levels, many of which are relatively affordable.  


                • Plenty of room in the bed
                • It can come with 4x4 and towing capabilities  
                • Widely available and easy maintenance


                • Cabin space is limited 
                • Limited fuel economy, especially when loaded down with equipment  

                     8. Earth Roamer XV-LT

                  The Earth Roamer, a high-end mobile dwelling engineered for off-grid living, comes equipped with all the necessary amenities for sustainable living, including a reliable off-grid water system. It is a heavy-duty camper that can withstand all weather conditions and terrain types. This is the optimal vehicle for the prepper with a love for big trucks (and an even bigger wallet). 


                  • Great for off-roading 
                  • Plenty of space for a family and extra equipment
                  • 100% solar powered


                  • Massively expensive
                  • Poor fuel economy 
                  • Very large

                       9. Mercedes G-Class  

                  The Mercedes G-Class may look like a luxury urban vehicle, but it is also a highly capable off-roader. It’s the ideal blend of luxury comfort with practical performance. For Mercedes enthusiasts, there is no better option.  


                  • Reliable SUV with luxury amenities 
                  • Exceptional off-road prowess
                  • Lots of interior storage space


                  • The price tag is impractical for most 
                  • Fuel economy is not as good as other vehicles
                  • Replacement parts and maintenance can be hard to come by 

                  Final Thoughts on Bug Out Vehicles

                  Preparing to bug out at any given moment is essential in our ever-changing world.

                  The best way to do this is to have your bug-out vehicle ready to go. Whether it’s your everyday driver or a dedicated vehicle, you must pick the best bug-out vehicle based on your household’s needs and preferences.

                  After you select the best bug-out vehicle for you and your family…it becomes time to fill it.

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